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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is Blogging The Only Free Internet Business You Can Start?

Anyway, blogging is not the only online business you can start with no capital. There are others like, rendering services for pay. But before the end of this article you’ll know why blogging should be the only internet business you ought to leverage on.

I remember my blog (, it cost me nothing to set it up. I went to Click Bank to sign up affiliate, and before 48 hours I had Google ads displayed on it. My advertising campaign is based mostly on article writing and blog comments.

Before you can render any service for pay, you have to learn a skill perfectly. Now compare this to writing, which is the only blogging task I know. Writing is in-born but skill is learnt either during adolescence or adulthood.

I had wanted to be an information marketer, but I found out that it requires some initial capital before you can stand. I had no time to learn any skill so I switched to blogging, which is FREE!

Whether you choose to blog or not the truth is that, as a newbie you have to choose a free program to energize you for the task ahead. Don’t bury your money in a let-me-try-this kind of venture. Use free programs to learn how the internet works, before investing your hard earned money. Those free programs are as good as paid services.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Three Types of Blogging

These three types of blogging I’m about to share with you will help you choose how you want to start your own blogging empire. You must choose one that will not bore you later on. Are you good at writing, drawing, recording audios, or making nice videos? You’ll have to answer all of these questions by yourself. Don’t follow me to do what I’m doing. Please think out your solution. Below are a few of the blogging methods in vogue. Enjoy the tips!

1. Text Blogging:
This is the commonest of the three. If you can write, then this method is for you. Instead of watching television or doing some unimportant thing, you can dedicate your leisure times to creating some nice articles. Those write ups that are piled up on your computer can be used to start text blogging. AS you post old articles, you endeavor to create new ones in place.

2. Audio Blogging:
In this type of blogging, you only record audio voices telling some thing of value. You can record articles and post to your blog for your visitors to listen to whenever they come across your domain. Some bloggers who prefer creating audios to writing articles can use this method.

3. Video Blogging:
In video blogging your blog displays the video of what your site is narrating. If your site it is about fitness you can record videos of people exercising, either jogging or cycling. Your visitors will be interested to get a feel of the entertainment. Only make sure that what your video is narrating is in line with your blog niche.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Reasons Why I’m Blogging

I don’t know what you’ve chosen to do but I have my reasons why I blog. It gives me sense of belonging. The competition isn’t like other sides of the market. I feel free doing my blogging business. I don’t mind if I’ve got a dime since I started. All I know is that I’m heading some where, and this is just how I’ve chosen to do it. As you read the rest of the article, you should be able to get my ideas being the reasons I blog. Now get them!

1. Blogging is Easy to Start:

Blogging is the easiest business you can start with nothing. It’s as easy as signing in with an already gmail account to Go to and give your blog a name and a URL. You have to choose a nice template that’s in match with your niche. Can you see the easy steps to owning a blog? It absolutely costs nothing to set one up. If you’ve not got one you ought to leave whatever you’re doing right now and get one, but not until you’ve finished reading this article. Get one today and become a blogger.

2. Blogging Is Free to Start:

You don’t have to pay to get a blog. It’s FREE all over the net! Places like, and give you a room for designing a blog. Just sign up and get an account to set your blog up. By the time you’ve learnt some basics, you can pay for a domain. Free blog gives you a chance to learn how the internet works, before knowing which side of the market you’re to invest money.

3. Blogging Gives You Credibility:

As you update your blog regularly, write articles for Article Directories and post comments where necessary, you’ll be noticed by other bloggers as they contact you for back-linking. Advertisers will also come to pay you to display ads on your blog. Just as your readership grows bigger and stronger, people will be coming to you for aid. You’ll be regarded as an expert in your chosen niche.

4. Blogging Allows You To Express Yourself:

In blogging you can express yourself through personal writing. As you write you can include your personal experience, just like this article you’re reading. I tell you from my experience. I give you reasons I blog. Because I know that if you follow what I did you must experience what I experienced, and tell what you passed through.

5. Blogging Gives You Free Advertising Opportunity:

Posting comments to blogs, writing articles and submitting to Directories, and updating your blog posts are FREE blog advertising methods any blogger can leverage on. Others are ads and link swaps, social book marking and URL submission. There are other free advertising opportunities, but you can find out if you come into the blogosphere.

6. Blogging Earns You Money:

You don’t just blog to waste your precious time and energy. All the effort you put into your blogging business amounts to something - which is money. If you can follow what the experts tell you by doing a regular practice on them, then money will come unawares. Just play your part and leave the rest to God. The reason is that, if you run after money first you’ll not get it. But when you do your blogging business with all pleasure, you’ll likely to succeed. Remember that success is a continual practice.
7. Blogging Widens Your Knowledge Through Research:

Before you go to Heaven you must pass through the ordeal Jesus Christ passed through, that’s how it is to blogging. You can’t just jump out from nowhere and be the best author overnight. Research is your key to success. What you pile up on your brain from research is what you give out through writing. Read a lot so you can write a lot.

These are the reasons that made me blog for money. You too can join me to blog for money so that you can have a better story than this to tell. Now to your success! But before you rush off to remember to leave your comments, as this encourages me to write more and know which areas to put more effort.
Chris Eze is the writer of this article.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have you started Blogging Yet?

If you’ve not started blogging, I wonder what’s still holding you. You have nothing to lose as a blogger. Your time is the only sacrifice needed. With a personal computer and internet connection, you’re ready to start blogging. Below are a few tips I hope will help you start, if you’ve not.

1. Blogging Costs You Nothing to Start:
With a computer and internet access, you can start blogging immediately by visiting You’ll have to register with your existing gmail, or you can get a new account for access to the registration form.

2. Blogging gives you wide Exposure:
As you blog, advertising and commenting on similar blogs you’re very likely to get an exposure you never expected. If you’re good at writing articles, you can leverage on it for free traffic back to your blog. Back linking is another means.

3. Blogging is enjoyable:
The truth is that as you blog, you’re going to like and enjoy the system as time goes. Just like my self, I enjoy blogging more and more as the days go by. As a writer, I enjoy writing articles every day and posting to directories. Ezine Article directory is my favorite of them all.

If you’ve not started blogging you’re still wasting time, and it’s time to start. Leave whatever you’re doing and rush to for a quick account. As you make your way into the blogosphere, you’ll get more knowledge and experience. Don’t be scared by the word, BLOGGING: it’s no monster. It doesn’t kill but favors. With courage as your only weapon you’ll win the battle ahead. Now to your success!

Chris Eze is the writer of this article

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Are The Features of a Blog

The word blog was extracted from web log. A blog is basically an online digital journal wherein you can write down your thoughts, ideas, opinions and practically anything that you want people to read. Blogs come in different styles, formats, and settings, depending on the preference of the user. Many blogging websites, offer built in features such as hyperlink, straight texts, pictures etc. Some blogging web sites, even allow you to put video and mp3's on your blogs.

Instead of writing texts, some bloggers choose to make their blogs more audio friendly, by using spoken word entries. This is called audio blogging.

Basically, a blog contains these features:

Title- which allows you to label your post
Body- this is the content of your post
Trackback- other sites can be linked back to your blog
Permanent link- every article that you write has a URL
Comment- this allows readers to post comments on your blog.

One of the advantages of blogging, is that it is made of only a few templates. Unlike other websites that is made up of numerous individual pages. This makes it easier for blog users to create new pages, because it already has a fix setting that include: slots for title, body of the post, category, etc.

This is especially useful for first time users, since they can start blogging right away. They can choose from a number of templates that blogging websites provide.

Anyone who wants to start a blog can do so by becoming a member of a blogging website of their choice. Once they've become members, they automatically become a part of that particular blogging community. They can browse through other bloggers pages, and link them back to their own blogs. They can also make comments on other members' blogs.

Blogging is not just limited to personal usage. There are a lot of blogs that follow a theme such as: sports, politics, philosophy, social commentary, etc. These blogs espouse on their specific themes. This way blogging becomes a medium in which people can share their knowledge and opinions about a variety of themes and topics.

Some bloggers even use their blogs as a means to advertise. Some authors advertise their books on their blogs. While other bloggers, use their blogs to shed light to currents issues, events, news and catastrophes.

Nowadays in education, blogs also play an important part. Professors use blogging to document the lessons that they have discussed and taught. This way, students who have missed classes, can easily catch up with their assignments.

A lot of entrepreneurs benefit from blogging by promoting their businesses on their blogs, with millions and millions of people logging onto the net everyday, blogging has become a lucrative move. Some bloggers who run online businesses promote their merchandise online, while others profit through advertisement.

But by far, the most popular blog type is the one that takes the form of a personal journal. This is the kind that is usually used by first time bloggers. Individuals who want to document the daily struggle of their everyday lives, poems, rants, opinions, find that blogging offers them a medium in which to express themselves.

Bloggers usually communicate within themselves. This is one of the appeals of blogging. It creates a community of people sharing their ideas, thoughts, and comments with each other.

Blogs varying in topics, themes, and set-ups, can be found in blog directories. First time users who want to get an idea of what the blogging world is all about, can browse through a number of blogs using these directories. This way they'd get an idea of what these blogging communities are like.

Blogging is popular all over the world. Blog is short for the term weblog. There are no rules when it comes to blogging. Bloggers have the freedom to express themselves how ever way they want, and the best thing about blogging, is that most blogging sites are free.

There are numerous blogging websites to choose from in the net. This gives first time users the option of joining a blogging community that appeals to their interests.

Just search any blogging directory and you'd get a listing of a lot of blogging sites that are available on the net. It's easy to search a blogging directory, because it is organized according to category. This way you would get exactly what you are after. Blogging is really for everyone. It is fun, simple and easy. Please post your comment, and tell me what you think about this article.
Chris Eze is the writer of this article.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Quality And Unique Is Your Blog Content?

I remember the first time I submitted an article to Ezine directory; the return message said that my article was a duplicate content. Actually, I used a PLR article because I thought it would make the task easy. Rather, it worsened the situation. I advise that you write what you know and can defend in an interview. Don’t begin to look for a short cut, as there’s no short cut to blogging success..

My friend asked if I still blogged and I gave a positive response. He began to tell me how long blogging can take somebody before earning - six months or one year. All I know is that I do what I like. I write my articles every day because I enjoy doing it, looking for how to improve my business for more exposure. Blogging is all about writing and posting to your blog for readers to enjoy. But as you write, make your work unique and high in quality. If you do this for a long time you’ll see a good result.

Having high quality and unique content on your blog site requires thorough research and hard work to achieve. You must keep writing and improving your skills every day until you see result. Not after one month, you begin to think of quitting. Remember what they say that it’s only the quitters who fail.

For you to write good and high quality content, you can use keywords or key phrases of your niche. You can visit forums and chat rooms to get ideas for high quality and unique content. You can interview an expert and use the excerpts as your content. Please do not fail to comment on this article. Thank you.
Chris Eze is the writer of this article.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have You Updated Your Blog Today?

This question is to be answered by every blogger in the entire blogosphere. What will your readers think and feel if your blog isn’t updated? They’ll leave and go. You don’t have to lose a visitor you spent your quality time to draw close just because you failed to update your blog. You must not write a house full of information. Only short and informative post is ok in a day. Keep updates with short posts, and your blog won’t lack content. Please leave your comment behind as your opinion can help me create more useful content. Wishing you a successful blogging!

Monday, February 21, 2011

How You Can Achieve a Great Successful Blogging

Blogging has helped many people achieve great success in life. You can’t wake up over night and expect a pay check you didn’t work for. There must be a period of perseverance; a time you need to work and prove that you really know what you’re doing. You must spend enough time, trying to make a living as a blogger. You must take your mind away from money, if you want to become successful in the blogging system. A get-rich-quick aim has destroyed many bloggers today. Don’t fall a prey to this canker-worm before it tears you apart. Below are lists of things you must put into consideration, if you must achieve great success in your blogging business.

1. Put Your Effort In Quality Content Creation

This should be the basis of your blog. When visitors to your blog find your contents useful, they’ll come back for more information. What’s the need wasting your time on a blog that solves no problem? Article readers are information seekers who surf the net for latest tips and updates. If your blog is not updated regularly, visitors will not return as there are many competitive blogs and bloggers out there on the blogging battle field. Look up to quality contents to give to your blog visitors, and they’ll not stop coming for more.

2. Use Responder Service To Track Contacts of Your Blog Visitors.

I’ve heard several times that there’s money in the list. When the visitors to your blog come for the first time, you have to hide your marketing desire and draw them close, by asking for their contacts first. If it’s possible give out some thing like software or e-book in exchange for their names and emails. They’ll not know when you’ll begin to market to them. They’ll think you’re making a good offer to help them improve, since that has always been your priority – to help them become good bloggers like you. Always have your customers in your heart first. If they’re not satisfied, you’re not too. So don’t make the mistake of leaving your blog visitors to go as they come. This proves the point that says customers don’t buy at their first contact. If you want to get a FREE auto responder, you can visit these sites:,,, etc. A search on your own will give you freer responder services you can take advantage of.

3. Create Blog Exposure through Adverts

Any kind of advert you find effective in your blogging campaign must be applied with all diligence. Remember that if you want to be known through blogging, you must find places to contribute positively. Places like forums and discussion boards are good for creating exposure to your blog. As you go even to the extent of commenting on people’s blogs and articles, you’re indirectly building trust and reputation. Other bloggers and writers will know you as someone who really knows what he’s doing online, if you leverage on this kind of traffic generation. Don’t forget that your opinion can help improve others who may need it. Just make sure every of your posts is relevant to the topic being discussed, and can help others improve. Maybe you’ve noticed what the writer did not include in his article; you can say so after first commending the author for his work and writing skills. Write articles and submit to directories to be published. Write informative articles and leave a link back to your blog, this great marketing tool gives you 60% exposure. If you have money you can try Pay per Click (PPC). Google Ad word program is a good one.

4. Choose A Matching Blog Template

If your blog is commercialized, you have to choose a template that describes what you do on that blog. A black text on white background best describes a business blog. You can easily tell your blog from its template. Don’t do what will cause your blog visitors to think that you don’t know what you’re doing. They’ll refuse to trust you, and not believe your write-ups if you don’t do every thing like the expert you claim to be. Choose a better and matching template and your blog will appear professional.

5. Write From Your Experience

There’s no better article than the one that has a bit of the writer’s experience. There’s more confidence in narrating your blogging adventures. Your readers will have more courage to follow you to wherever you’re taking them, when they have trust in you. As a child has courage following what her parents teach her, because she believes that they can’t lead her astray, so it is in internet business. You’re writing to gain exposure and have subscribers (those who follow you sheepishly because they believe in you through your writings). They believe that if they do what you tell them they must succeed.

I believe that these few words can help you become great and successful in your blogging adventures. Rome was not built in a day. Put more effort into your blogging business and you’ll be surprised at the results and profits it’ll bring into your bank account in no time. Perseverance, Consistency, Persistence and endurance should be your watchwords. Chris Eze is the writer of this article