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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When we begin to talk about making money through blogging, what we should always bear in mind is the slogan that says, No Traffic No Money. You may post high quality content daily, but are people aware of it? I mean, how do you get noticed? How can you gain exposure and credibility through blogging? You'll learn all these if you read my article with full understanding. Get your mind off whatever is bothering you, so I can take you along your blogging success through FREE advertising. Just read on.

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the strongest tools in internet marketing. It’s F.R.E.E. and brings in truck-load of articles back to your site. You only need to be writing fresh and useful contents on a daily basis. Don’t copy another person’s work. But you can only get ideas of what to write from another author, and then write your own using your style of writing. When submitting your article to an article directory, always include the URL of your website or blog in the Bio’s Box. Do this every day for one month and you’ll be surprised at the number of visitors this will bring to your blog.

2. Forum Posts

If you form the habit of spying some forums on your niche, and contributing to questions by providing answers, the result will show when your link begins to bring back leads to your blog. Do not neglect the answer you’ve given to someone, or a site you’ve directed someone to get something, either free (by subscription) or paid. People notice you as an expert when you prove yourself through positive contributions. Easy recognition, easy credibility and reputation come through hard-work and perseverance. Render help where necessary so that people may see your importance and believe in you. They would like to follow you to your site and know more about you. They wouldn’t like to lose you.

3. Submit Your URL to Site Submission Sites

If you use Google Search Engine you’re sure to find hundreds to thousands of website owners who’re ready to submit your blog to Search Engines. Sites like,, and are a few of the sites that submit sites for traffic. A search on your own will help you find more.

4. Advertise on Social Networking Sites

Facebook, Twitter, Hubpages, Myspace, Linkedin, Tagged, Classmates, Hi5, Meetup and friendster, are some of the popular social network sites you can leverage on. Take advantage of them by signing up, you’ll make many friends in no time. Only your effort can determine your success in your marketing campaign. You can also create groups and fan pages. You then can advertise yourself and your blog through article posting.

I believe that with these important tips you can walk through blogging with full courage and determination. Please leave a comment to help the writer develop further his mental capability. Chris Eze is the author of this article.

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