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Friday, March 11, 2011

Three Types of Blogging

These three types of blogging I’m about to share with you will help you choose how you want to start your own blogging empire. You must choose one that will not bore you later on. Are you good at writing, drawing, recording audios, or making nice videos? You’ll have to answer all of these questions by yourself. Don’t follow me to do what I’m doing. Please think out your solution. Below are a few of the blogging methods in vogue. Enjoy the tips!

1. Text Blogging:
This is the commonest of the three. If you can write, then this method is for you. Instead of watching television or doing some unimportant thing, you can dedicate your leisure times to creating some nice articles. Those write ups that are piled up on your computer can be used to start text blogging. AS you post old articles, you endeavor to create new ones in place.

2. Audio Blogging:
In this type of blogging, you only record audio voices telling some thing of value. You can record articles and post to your blog for your visitors to listen to whenever they come across your domain. Some bloggers who prefer creating audios to writing articles can use this method.

3. Video Blogging:
In video blogging your blog displays the video of what your site is narrating. If your site it is about fitness you can record videos of people exercising, either jogging or cycling. Your visitors will be interested to get a feel of the entertainment. Only make sure that what your video is narrating is in line with your blog niche.

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