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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is Blogging The Only Free Internet Business You Can Start?

Anyway, blogging is not the only online business you can start with no capital. There are others like, rendering services for pay. But before the end of this article you’ll know why blogging should be the only internet business you ought to leverage on.

I remember my blog (, it cost me nothing to set it up. I went to Click Bank to sign up affiliate, and before 48 hours I had Google ads displayed on it. My advertising campaign is based mostly on article writing and blog comments.

Before you can render any service for pay, you have to learn a skill perfectly. Now compare this to writing, which is the only blogging task I know. Writing is in-born but skill is learnt either during adolescence or adulthood.

I had wanted to be an information marketer, but I found out that it requires some initial capital before you can stand. I had no time to learn any skill so I switched to blogging, which is FREE!

Whether you choose to blog or not the truth is that, as a newbie you have to choose a free program to energize you for the task ahead. Don’t bury your money in a let-me-try-this kind of venture. Use free programs to learn how the internet works, before investing your hard earned money. Those free programs are as good as paid services.

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