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Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Reasons Why I’m Blogging

I don’t know what you’ve chosen to do but I have my reasons why I blog. It gives me sense of belonging. The competition isn’t like other sides of the market. I feel free doing my blogging business. I don’t mind if I’ve got a dime since I started. All I know is that I’m heading some where, and this is just how I’ve chosen to do it. As you read the rest of the article, you should be able to get my ideas being the reasons I blog. Now get them!

1. Blogging is Easy to Start:

Blogging is the easiest business you can start with nothing. It’s as easy as signing in with an already gmail account to Go to and give your blog a name and a URL. You have to choose a nice template that’s in match with your niche. Can you see the easy steps to owning a blog? It absolutely costs nothing to set one up. If you’ve not got one you ought to leave whatever you’re doing right now and get one, but not until you’ve finished reading this article. Get one today and become a blogger.

2. Blogging Is Free to Start:

You don’t have to pay to get a blog. It’s FREE all over the net! Places like, and give you a room for designing a blog. Just sign up and get an account to set your blog up. By the time you’ve learnt some basics, you can pay for a domain. Free blog gives you a chance to learn how the internet works, before knowing which side of the market you’re to invest money.

3. Blogging Gives You Credibility:

As you update your blog regularly, write articles for Article Directories and post comments where necessary, you’ll be noticed by other bloggers as they contact you for back-linking. Advertisers will also come to pay you to display ads on your blog. Just as your readership grows bigger and stronger, people will be coming to you for aid. You’ll be regarded as an expert in your chosen niche.

4. Blogging Allows You To Express Yourself:

In blogging you can express yourself through personal writing. As you write you can include your personal experience, just like this article you’re reading. I tell you from my experience. I give you reasons I blog. Because I know that if you follow what I did you must experience what I experienced, and tell what you passed through.

5. Blogging Gives You Free Advertising Opportunity:

Posting comments to blogs, writing articles and submitting to Directories, and updating your blog posts are FREE blog advertising methods any blogger can leverage on. Others are ads and link swaps, social book marking and URL submission. There are other free advertising opportunities, but you can find out if you come into the blogosphere.

6. Blogging Earns You Money:

You don’t just blog to waste your precious time and energy. All the effort you put into your blogging business amounts to something - which is money. If you can follow what the experts tell you by doing a regular practice on them, then money will come unawares. Just play your part and leave the rest to God. The reason is that, if you run after money first you’ll not get it. But when you do your blogging business with all pleasure, you’ll likely to succeed. Remember that success is a continual practice.
7. Blogging Widens Your Knowledge Through Research:

Before you go to Heaven you must pass through the ordeal Jesus Christ passed through, that’s how it is to blogging. You can’t just jump out from nowhere and be the best author overnight. Research is your key to success. What you pile up on your brain from research is what you give out through writing. Read a lot so you can write a lot.

These are the reasons that made me blog for money. You too can join me to blog for money so that you can have a better story than this to tell. Now to your success! But before you rush off to remember to leave your comments, as this encourages me to write more and know which areas to put more effort.
Chris Eze is the writer of this article.

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