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Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Questions You Must Answer to Make Money Blogging

In this present day, blogging has really come to stay if you do it the way the gurus are doing it. What do I mean by the way the gurus are doing it? That is what I’ve come to share with you, but you have to be patient because if you do, you have a lot to learn from me. I’ve gone through a lot learning blogging as a niche. I’ve read books and magazines on this topic. Now let me ask you these questions:

1. Have you done a thorough keyword research on your chosen niche?

Before you choose to blog, you must look for hot keywords by using some keyword suggestion tools. You can find some free ones by typing Free Keyword Suggestion Tool on Google’s search box. Some keywords pay higher than others. Those marketing gurus use high-paid keywords in their marketing campaign. This is beneficial to Ad Sense earners.

2. Have you conducted enough research on that niche topic?

Before you can become an expert, you must know your market very well. If you’ve chosen Weight Loss as your niche, try to know more about weight loss by reading e-books and magazines. Put more effort and you’ll become an expert, who gives useful advice on forums, discussion boards, blogs, and other avenues where you can prove yourself.

3. Are you sure you’re passionate about your topic?

Don’t choose a topic you don’t enjoy. Because you can do more on what you derive pleasure and at the same time make money from. When you go online because of money, you’re likely to fail as soon as the money you expected didn’t come as quickly as you expected it. Write from your experience. You must not know every thing, and so do others and I? That’s why we comment on peoples blogs to add up to their ideas. Remember your opinion matters to help the writer develop further.

4. Do you love writing?

The truth is that if you don’t love to write and you’re going online to blog, you must fail because blogging is all about expressing yourself wills and views through writing. You may say let me use Private Label Right (PLR) or other writers’ articles, but that pattern can’t give you the credibility you deserve as a blogger. People would like to follow your writing pattern when you write creatively. Therefore, I advise that you begin to practice writing if you want to blog. Prove your expertise through writing.

5. How often have you built relationship with other bloggers by posting comments?

A great advantage of commenting on peoples’ articles and blogs is that, you’ll get noticed easily as you communicate with other bloggers through writing and opinion-sharing. Don’t hide your views but share them! This is another great traffic generation method. Begin now to look for relevant blogs and post comments, and you’ll see loads of traffic back to your blog. I do it and it works for me. You too can do it perfectly if you follow my footsteps.

I believe that these tips can help you start online as a blogger. Please post your comment as this encourages the writer. Chris Eze is the writer of this article.

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