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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have you started Blogging Yet?

If you’ve not started blogging, I wonder what’s still holding you. You have nothing to lose as a blogger. Your time is the only sacrifice needed. With a personal computer and internet connection, you’re ready to start blogging. Below are a few tips I hope will help you start, if you’ve not.

1. Blogging Costs You Nothing to Start:
With a computer and internet access, you can start blogging immediately by visiting You’ll have to register with your existing gmail, or you can get a new account for access to the registration form.

2. Blogging gives you wide Exposure:
As you blog, advertising and commenting on similar blogs you’re very likely to get an exposure you never expected. If you’re good at writing articles, you can leverage on it for free traffic back to your blog. Back linking is another means.

3. Blogging is enjoyable:
The truth is that as you blog, you’re going to like and enjoy the system as time goes. Just like my self, I enjoy blogging more and more as the days go by. As a writer, I enjoy writing articles every day and posting to directories. Ezine Article directory is my favorite of them all.

If you’ve not started blogging you’re still wasting time, and it’s time to start. Leave whatever you’re doing and rush to for a quick account. As you make your way into the blogosphere, you’ll get more knowledge and experience. Don’t be scared by the word, BLOGGING: it’s no monster. It doesn’t kill but favors. With courage as your only weapon you’ll win the battle ahead. Now to your success!

Chris Eze is the writer of this article

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