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Monday, February 21, 2011

How You Can Achieve a Great Successful Blogging

Blogging has helped many people achieve great success in life. You can’t wake up over night and expect a pay check you didn’t work for. There must be a period of perseverance; a time you need to work and prove that you really know what you’re doing. You must spend enough time, trying to make a living as a blogger. You must take your mind away from money, if you want to become successful in the blogging system. A get-rich-quick aim has destroyed many bloggers today. Don’t fall a prey to this canker-worm before it tears you apart. Below are lists of things you must put into consideration, if you must achieve great success in your blogging business.

1. Put Your Effort In Quality Content Creation

This should be the basis of your blog. When visitors to your blog find your contents useful, they’ll come back for more information. What’s the need wasting your time on a blog that solves no problem? Article readers are information seekers who surf the net for latest tips and updates. If your blog is not updated regularly, visitors will not return as there are many competitive blogs and bloggers out there on the blogging battle field. Look up to quality contents to give to your blog visitors, and they’ll not stop coming for more.

2. Use Responder Service To Track Contacts of Your Blog Visitors.

I’ve heard several times that there’s money in the list. When the visitors to your blog come for the first time, you have to hide your marketing desire and draw them close, by asking for their contacts first. If it’s possible give out some thing like software or e-book in exchange for their names and emails. They’ll not know when you’ll begin to market to them. They’ll think you’re making a good offer to help them improve, since that has always been your priority – to help them become good bloggers like you. Always have your customers in your heart first. If they’re not satisfied, you’re not too. So don’t make the mistake of leaving your blog visitors to go as they come. This proves the point that says customers don’t buy at their first contact. If you want to get a FREE auto responder, you can visit these sites:,,, etc. A search on your own will give you freer responder services you can take advantage of.

3. Create Blog Exposure through Adverts

Any kind of advert you find effective in your blogging campaign must be applied with all diligence. Remember that if you want to be known through blogging, you must find places to contribute positively. Places like forums and discussion boards are good for creating exposure to your blog. As you go even to the extent of commenting on people’s blogs and articles, you’re indirectly building trust and reputation. Other bloggers and writers will know you as someone who really knows what he’s doing online, if you leverage on this kind of traffic generation. Don’t forget that your opinion can help improve others who may need it. Just make sure every of your posts is relevant to the topic being discussed, and can help others improve. Maybe you’ve noticed what the writer did not include in his article; you can say so after first commending the author for his work and writing skills. Write articles and submit to directories to be published. Write informative articles and leave a link back to your blog, this great marketing tool gives you 60% exposure. If you have money you can try Pay per Click (PPC). Google Ad word program is a good one.

4. Choose A Matching Blog Template

If your blog is commercialized, you have to choose a template that describes what you do on that blog. A black text on white background best describes a business blog. You can easily tell your blog from its template. Don’t do what will cause your blog visitors to think that you don’t know what you’re doing. They’ll refuse to trust you, and not believe your write-ups if you don’t do every thing like the expert you claim to be. Choose a better and matching template and your blog will appear professional.

5. Write From Your Experience

There’s no better article than the one that has a bit of the writer’s experience. There’s more confidence in narrating your blogging adventures. Your readers will have more courage to follow you to wherever you’re taking them, when they have trust in you. As a child has courage following what her parents teach her, because she believes that they can’t lead her astray, so it is in internet business. You’re writing to gain exposure and have subscribers (those who follow you sheepishly because they believe in you through your writings). They believe that if they do what you tell them they must succeed.

I believe that these few words can help you become great and successful in your blogging adventures. Rome was not built in a day. Put more effort into your blogging business and you’ll be surprised at the results and profits it’ll bring into your bank account in no time. Perseverance, Consistency, Persistence and endurance should be your watchwords. Chris Eze is the writer of this article

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